Available API Endpoints in Calqulate App

Before beginning your exploration with Calqulate App API, check below the available API Endpoints.

Links in the table take you to API Reference for more information. For a group of endpoints the first link is provided.

Data Model

API Endpoint name

Financial Raw Data / Customers

Get All Customers
Single Customer
Create Customers
Update a Customer
Delete a Customer

Financial Raw Data / Products

All Products
Single Product
Create Product
Update Product
Delete Product

Financial Raw Data / Product Groups

Fetch Product Groups
Fetch a Product Group
Create Product Group
Update Product Group
Delete Product Group

Financial Raw Data / Data Source

Fetch Data Source

Financial Raw Data / Product Tax

Fetch Product Tax
Fetch a Product Tax
Create Product Tax
Update Product Tax
Delete Product Tax

Financial Raw Data / Organization

Fetch Organization
Update Organization

Financial Raw Data / User

Fetch a User
Update a User

Financial Raw Data / Invoices

All invoices
Single invoice
Create invoice
Update an invoice
Delete an invoice

Financial Raw Data / Invoice Item

Fetch Invoice Items
Fetch an Invoice Item
Create invoice items
Update an invoice item
Delete an invoice item

Financial Raw Data / Payments

Fetch All Payments
Fetch Payment
Create Payments
Update Payment
Delete Payment

Financial Raw Data / Currencies

Fetch Currencies
Fetch Currency
Create Currencies
Update Currency
Delete Currency

Metrics / MRR

Fetch MRR

Metrics / Net/Gross Profit Margin

Fetch Net Profit Margin

Employees / Staff Costs

Fetch Staff Costs

True Growth Index / Industry / Customer Churn

Fetch Customer Churn

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