Available Calqulate API Endpoints

Links provide more information in the form of a help article or a data model table. For a group of endpoints, the first link to API Reference page is provided.

Data ModelAPI Endpoint name
Financial Raw Data / CustomersGet All Customers
Single Customer
Create Customers
Update a Customer
Delete a Customer
Financial Raw Data / ProductsAll Products
Single Product
Create Product
Update Product
Delete Product
Financial Raw Data / Product GroupsFetch Product Groups
Fetch a Product Group
Create Product Group
Update Product Group
Delete Product Group
Financial Raw Data / Data SourceFetch Data Source
Financial Raw Data / Product Tax DRAFTFetch Product Tax
Fetch a Product Tax
Create Product Tax
Update Product Tax
Delete Product Tax
Financial Raw Data / Organization DRAFTFetch Organization
Update Organization
Financial Raw Data / UserFetch a User
Update a User
Financial Raw Data / InvoicesAll invoices
Single invoice
Create invoice
Update an invoice
Delete an invoice
Financial Raw Data / Invoice ItemFetch Invoice Items
Fetch an Invoice Item
Create invoice items
Update an invoice item
Delete an invoice item
Financial Raw Data / PaymentsFetch All Payments
Fetch Payment
Create Payments
Update Payment
Delete Payment
Financial Raw Data / CurrenciesFetch Currencies
Fetch Currency
Create Currencies
Update Currency
Delete Currency
Financial Raw Data / Employees
Financial Raw Data / Active PortfolioGet Active Portfolio
Financial KPI / [Customer Churn]Fetch Customer Churn
Financial KPI / Net/[Gross] Profit MarginFetch Net Profit Margin
Financial KPI / [Revenue Growth Margin] Fetch MRR
MRR Details
Country MR
Financial KPI / [Calqulate Cashflow]Get Calqulate Cashflow
Financial KPI / [Cash Balance]Get Calqulate Cash Balance
Financial KPI / [Customer Retention Rate]Get Customer Retention Rate
Financial KPI / [Financial Reporting]Get Financial Reporting
Financial KPI / Staff CostsFetch Staff Costs
Financial KPI / [Quarterly Returning Revenue]Get Quarterly Returning Revenue
Financial KPI / [Financial Health KPIs]Get Financial Health
Settings / Change Main CurrencyPost Change Main Currency