Staff Cost API

The Staff Cost API outputs the following KPIs: headcount and total staff cost.

Data Model

FieldTypeDescriptionExample data
departmentobjectDepartment id and name{"id": 10433,
forecastScenarioobjectForecast scenario id and name{"id": 2683,
employeesCountnumberThe total number of employees in the department (headcount).45
daynumberLast day of the corresponding month in requested interval.2022-01-31
grossnumberThe gross amount of the department's staff costs.86000
netnumberThe net amount of the department's staff costs.45000
taxesnumberThe amount of the department's tax over staff costs.12000
cacnumberThe amount of the department's share on the total Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) metrics.37000
employeeSocialChargesnumberThe amount of the department's employee social charge costs.10000
employerSocialChargesnumberThe amount of the department's employer social charge costs.15000

What’s Next

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