Customers and Subscriptions

The Subscription profile includes all the basic information concerning an individual subscription. Calqulate imports subscription data from subscription management software such as Stripe and Chargebee and generates subscription data of your sales invoices imported from your accounting software. The subscription profile provides you a detailed overview of MRR, revenue recognition and cashflows related to your subscriptions.

Where to find Subscriptions?

Go to the left-hand menu CUSTOMERS > Subscriptions. You can now see a list of all your subscriptions and basic information about them, like MRR, Renewal probability or Status.

If you want to know more about a certain subscription click on the subscription.

The Subscription details page

The subscription profile is divided into three pages. The first page is called Subscription details and displays basic information about your subscription. You can see your customers data, including their billing addresses. You can also check the billing frequency and the start date of the subscription. Below the subscription info you can find the Renewal probability slider that you can adjust by moving the left to right between 0% and 100% probability values. If you want to know more about this feature, read more about it in this article. There is also a section for Invoiced products, that displays the current status of every product and more information about them.

The Revenue page

On this page, all revenue-related information about the subscription can be found. The Revenue breakdown chart gives you insights about recurring and non-recurring revenue related to this subscription and forecasts your revenue.

Below, a revenue recognition table can be found, which distributes the invoiced amount in recognized revenue and deferred revenue. If you want to learn more about revenue recognition and deferred revenue, read this article.

All invoices including the invoiced amount and more data can be found in the Invoices section. In this section, you can also link invoices to a subscription. Therefore, click Link invoice.  Choose an invoice by searching for its number, customer name, product name, total amount or invoice date and confirm with Link.

If you click the three-dot action menu below and choose Quick review you can see and edit (edit mode is only for certain kinds of invoices possible) the invoice data of a certain invoice.

You can now see all details related to a single invoice. All yellow-indicated fields are pre-filled based on the data that was imported from the accounting software and the default values you chose. By clicking Edit you are able to adjust certain information in the invoice. 

You can now change the Billing typeBilling periodBilling frequencyStart date and End date of the invoice line item. The PriceQuantity, Discount, Tax and Units cannot be adjusted since these have been imported from your accounting software. Confirm your changes with Save

The Cashflow page

This page allows you to get more information about the latest payment of a subscription and the date of the next expected payment. The chart Subscription payment and refund presents every payment you received concerning this subscription, as well as every refund you offered and the payments you expect to receive in the future. You can also link a payment or a refund. Therefore click Link payments.

Enter a customer name, an amount or a payment-ID, as well as the payment status. If the customer paid the whole amount, choose Full payment, if not choose Partial payment and enter the amount they paid. Enter the payment date and Confirm.

That's it! You now know how to link a payment, as well as how to navigate the subscription profile.