True Growth Index


When a bank or a venture debt company lends money to a startup, they are naturally interested in the companies growth. Until now, there has not been a well-established indicator for small and medium-sized companies representing the growth of a business.

At Calqulate we offer the True Growth Index, which is an indicator that measures a company's growth with a score between 0-100. The True growth index is based on a set of growth metrics and uses ratios from three different metric groups: Industry Metrics and Revenue Growth

The index can be utilised by investors and lenders to identify the best investment opportunities as well as by the company to see their current growth situation.

The True Growth Index Dashboard

Go to INDICES > True Growth. The True Growth pages is divided into three tabs:

  • True Growth Index
  • Industry
  • Revenue Growth

The True Growth Index tab displays the company's true growth score in percentage. The chart True Growth Metrics lists all indicators that are used to calculate the index value. To track your growth over time the True Growth Index evolution chart displays not only current values, but also past values.

The Industry page displayes SaaS metrics with the following charts:

  • LTV to CAC
  • Customer Churn
  • Customer Retention

The third tab includes Revenue Growth metrics. It displays the Monthly Revenue Churn as well as the MRR Growth Rate.