API Basics

Calqulate API use is divided between Calqulate App users (section Data Model - Financial Raw Data) and Stakeholder Platform users (section Data Model - Financial KPIs). The data models for financial KPIs and financial raw data describe the available API endpoints in detail.

The library pages link between the guide section and API Reference section so every user finds what they need. Should some information be missing, let us know and we will be happy to help 💜

Calqulate offers a new way to consolidate all startup finance data in one place. We connect the available accounting, subscription, payroll, banking and CRM data in one place and build finance metrics that are easy to read and understand. Read more about data sources in Calqulate API here.

Calqulate uses JSON Web Token (JWT) for authentication, which should be needed only for the first connection. Sometimes changes in user's security settings or infrastructure require re-authentication. Read more about authentication here.