Monthly Recurring Revenue Breakdown

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Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the income a business can expect to receive every month - a predictable revenue! For your SaaS company, MRR is critical to understanding cash flow and the overall profitability of your customer subscriptions. To learn more about MRR, check out the article about it from our CEO Niko Laine.

Calqulate provides a more in-depth view into your MRR with a subscription breakdown and growth break out chart, allowing you to visualize the growth rate and determine actionable metrics to drive further growth.

MRR Breakdown

While the MRR chart displays your income for each month, the breakdown view displays all of the subscriptions that equal that month's total revenue. To view this breakdown, go to the left-hand menu METRICS > Recurring Revenue. The icon for the breakdown chart is in the top right corner of the MRR graph.


Once the breakdown has been expanded, you'll have the option of viewing your MRR by specific time period and provided with the list of subscriptions make up the total revenue. You can choose from the top right corner the dates you'd like to see data for and then display the time period by selecting one of the options in the drop-down menu (day, week, month, year).