Welcome to the Calqulate Library!

πŸ“ Welcome to the Calqulate Library!

Read on and explore our documentation. The library is being updated constantly so new content is being published on a regular basis.


Welcome to the place where all our knowledge is stored

The area is divided into three sections

  • Company Analytics - for Startups and SMBs
  • Stakeholder Platform - for Investors and Lenders
  • API documentation - for Developers

Company Analytics

The Company Analytics focuses on automated financial reporting and analytics for startups and SMBs. Our knowledge base helps companies to get started with Calqulate. Information about How to connect data sources, How to add Staff Costs and everything related to the Company Analytics platform can be found here.

Stakeholder Platform

The Stakeholder Environment is dedicated to Investors, Lenders, Accelerators and similar parties. In this library the Assess, Monitor and Match solutions are explained.

API Documentation

In the API Documentation sections, everything related to financial KPIs, API documentation and data models are explained in detail. The Data Models have two main categories: Financial KPIs and Financial Raw Data. The API References are listed in their own library section and getting started details are explained here.

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