Expense Management

Financial Reporting

In the Expense Management page, you can see the breakdown of expenses by financial accounts and drill in the details. You can also forecast expenses for the upcoming periods. If you want to learn more about the forecasting feature of your expenses, check this article.

All accounts classified as Expenses in the chart of accounts are reported in the Expense Management page. In order to get the full value of expense analytics, your charts of accounts have to be mapped first. If you want to learn more about mapping your chart of accounts, check the article below.

All expenses are linked to a financial account and to an account group which is important for your P&L and your Cashflow analysis. In the Expense Management section, Expenses themselves are divided into Expense Groups.

Where to find the Expense Management

Go to the left-hand menu FINANCIAL REPORTING > Expense Management.


You can now see all your expense accounts, assigned to an account group. The page displays the sum of each expense account for each month. There are two data sources Calqulate gets your expenses. They are either imported from the accounting software such as Quickbooks, Xero, Exact, Netvisor and Procountor, or they are inputted manually. Manually added data is indicated with a green background. How to add data manually is explained in the article Expense groups that is linked here.

If you want to get more in-depth expense data on vendors and accounting journals for a certain month, click Inspect bills next to the amount.


You can now see every transaction for a specific month that are related to this expense account. The transactions are divided into two groups. In Bills from suppliers and Accounting Journals. Every transaction that is linked to a vendor bill is displayed in the Bills from suppliers section. With the plus icon, you can view more granular vendor bill data. Other expenses that are linked to a vendor bill, such as credit card payments, are listed in the Accounting Journal section. Clicking the plus icon gives you more information about the accounting journal.