Employees are people working for an organization.

Data Model

FieldTypeDescriptionExample data
idstringUnique Identifier for each employee.56879
metaIdstringAnother identifier for the employee or the id of this employee in its origin data source (when it comes from an integration).emp_3245
parentIdstringIf multiple records represent the same employee (coming from different data sources, for example), you can choose one employee to represent all of them and call it a parent; then assign this Id as parentId to the other employees.982734
namestringEmployee's first name.Dave
jobTitlestringEmployee's Job Title.Developer
departmentIdstringDepartment id where this employee belongs.543268
countryIdstringCountry id where this employee lives.23569
paymentFrequencystringPayment Frequency (Options: one-off, weekly, bimonthly, monthly, quarterly, annually).monthly
currencyIdstringCurrency Id of this payment.3168
contractEndDatestringContract end date .2022-12-31T14:13:53.644Z
dataSourceIdstringId of the data source (Manual Calqulate, or integrations).4779
orgIdstringOrganization Id in which this subscription belongs.718987154
createdAtstringDate of creation of this entry in Calqulate's Database.2022-02-02T14:13:53.644Z
updatedAtstringDate of last update done on this entry in Calqulate's Database.2022-02-02T14:13:53.644Z
deletedAtstringDate of deletion of this entry from Calqulate's Database.2022-02-02T14:13:53.644Z