Pay Statements

Pay statement is a document employers give their employees every pay period that explains how their pay check was calculated.

Data Model

FieldTypeDescriptionExample data
idstringUnique identifier for each pay statement.23542
metaIdstringId of this pay statement in its origin data source (when it comes from an integration).JXKL320153
employeeIdstringEmployee id.3568
grossnumberGross pay statement.350000
startDatestringStart date of payment period.2022-02-02T14:13:53.644Z
paymentFrequencystringPayment frequency (Options: one-off, weekly, bimonthly, monthly, quarterly, annually).monthly
endDatestringEnd date of payment period.2022-02-02T14:13:53.644Z
currencyIdstringCurrency Id of this pay statement.3168
metaCurrencyIdstringCurrency Id of this pay statement in its origin data source (when it comes from an integration).EUR
employerSocialChargePercentnumberEmployer social charge percent.11
employeeSocialChargePercentnumberEmployee social charge percent.19
taxPercentnumberTax percentage.27
cacPercentnumberCustomer Acquisition Cost (CAC) percentage.10
scenarioIdstringScenarioId is used with forecast scenario for pay statements.
You link a forecast scenario with the pay statements. Then you can see your financial status as if pay statements were payed.
fullTimeEquivalencenumberThe percentage of working hours participation of an employee for a department that feeds into headcount calculations.100
paymentDatenumberPayment date meaning the day of the month (options from 1 to 31).28
netnumberNet pay statement.300000
dataSourceIdstringId of the data source (Manual Calqulate, or integrations).4779
orgIdstringOrganization Id in which this pay statement belongs.718987154
createdAtstringDate of creation of this entry in Calqulate's Database.2022-02-02T14:13:53.644Z
updatedAtstringDate of last update done on this entry in Calqulate's Database.2022-02-02T14:13:53.644Z
deletedAtstringDateDate of deletion of this entry from Calqulate's Database.2022-02-02T14:13:53.644Z