Expense Forecasting

Financial Reporting

Expense forecasting is a feature Calqulate offers for your expense management. If you want to learn more about Expense management, read this article first.

In order to make forecasting as easy as possible and create an automated financial model, expense forecasting is connected to other forecast features of Calqulate. Expense forecasting helps you keep track of all your expenses and link expenses to:

Where to find Expense forecasting?

Go to the left-hand menu FINANCIAL REPORTINGExpense Management and select the Forecast view in the top left corner.


You can enter an expense forecast by clicking any purple highlighted cell and adding an amount manually. You will see the total expense amounts by expense group and in the Total Expenditure row. Expense forecasts need to be input manually.


Note: You might need to refresh your page after inserting an expense forecast in order to view them in other dashboards, such as the Cashflow forecast or the P&L forecast.

Where to see you Expense forecast?

There are several places that are impacted by your expense forecast. If you go to Expenses in the left-hand menu, you will see the forecasted expenses in the chart Expenditure by Expense Group. You can see the actual costs and the forecasted costs in a seamless continuation. Forecasted periods are indicated with shaded bars.

Other places to look for your forecasted expenses are:

  • Profit and Loss forecast
  • Cashflow forecast
  • Metrics - Unit Economics page

That's it! You have now learned how to create an expense forecast and how it influences other metrics.