Sharing your financial data

List of company info and financial data available through data sharing

Below is a list of the information that you, as a Calqulate user, make visible to stakeholders when you start sharing financial data available from your Calqulate account. This information is divided into two: Company Profile and Company Financials.

NOTE: No sensitive information, such as customer names, employees’ salaries, and personal data, will be shared.

Currently, the Company Financials information is grouped into three: Financial reports, Financial Health, and True growth. You can find more information about how we get each data point in our API guide. Each item in the list below is linked to the guide.

Company Profile

  • Company name
  • Country
  • URL (link to your website)
  • Number of employees
  • LinkedIn profile

Company Financials

Financial Reports


  • Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • MRR Growth %
  • MRR Growth Breakout
  • Profit & Loss Revenue (Periodical Revenue)
  • Revenue Growth in %
  • 12-Month Rolling Revenue
  • Revenue and Expenses

Operating Expenses

  • Operating Expenses (Line chart)
  • Operating Expenses (Bar chart)
  • Operating Expenses in % of Revenue
  • Operating Expenses by Account Group
  • Operating Expenses breakdown

Costs of Sales

  • Cost of Sales by Account Group
  • Cost of Sales in % of Revenue
  • Gross Profit
  • Gross Profit Margin % (Gross Profit % Actuals vs. Forecast)
  • Cost of Sales breakdown
  • Cost of Sales Forecast vs. Actuals

Staff Costs

  • Total Staff Costs
  • Headcount (Headcount FTE)
  • Staff Costs by Department


  • Cash at bank

Financial Health

Financial Health Index


  • Gross Burn In Months


  • Gross Profit Margin % (Gross Profit Margin)
  • Net Profit Margin % (Net Profit Margin)

True Growth

True Growth Index


  • LTV to CAC
  • Customer Churn
  • Customer Retention
  • CAC Payback

Revenue Growth

  • Monthly Revenue Churn
  • MRR Growth Rate
  • Revenue Retention Rate
  • Quarterly Returning Revenue %