Chart Of Accounts

A Chart of Accounts (CoA) is an index of all the financial accounts in the general ledger of a company. The chart of accounts is important because it provides a map of your business and its financial parts.

Data Model

FieldTypeDescriptionExample data
idstringUnique identifier for each account.32562
metaIdstringAnother identifier for this account or the id of this account in the origin data source (when it comes from an integration).acc_24425
codestringUnique code identifies this account (rather than using the random id field generated for each entry in our database).acc_56832
namestringAccount name.Wages
categoryIdstringAccount category id.35468
currencyIdstringCurrency Id.3168
metaCurrencyIdstringCurrency Id in its origin data source (when it comes from an integration).EUR
typestringAccount type (Options: unknown, asset, expense, income, liability, equity).income
statusstringAccount status (Options: unknown, active, archived, pending).active
isBankAccountbooleanIndicates whether this account is a bank account or not.false (not bank account)
true (is bank account)
cashLinkIdstringCash link id.45698
negativebooleanIndicates whether this account is listed as a negative sum or not.false (not negative)
true (negative)
cacbooleanIndicates whether this account is included in the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) metrics or not.false (not included)
true (included)
expenditureGroupIdstringId of the expenditure group in which this account belongs.

If the account’s type is expense, then we can link it to expenditure group.
dataSourceIdstringId of the data source (Manual Calqulate, or integrations).4779
orgIdstringOrganization Id in which this account belongs.718987154
createdAtstringDate of creation of this entry in Calqulate's Database.2022-02-02T14:13:53.644Z
updatedAtstringDate of last update done on this entry in Calqulate's Database.2022-02-02T14:13:53.644Z
deletedAtstringDate of deletion of this entry from Calqulate's Database.2022-02-02T14:13:53.644Z