Subscription Autodetection

Customers and Subscriptions

Subscription detection creates SaaS metrics, subscription data and revenue recognition out of the invoices that are issued from your accounting software, such as Quickbooks, Xero and Procountor. Calqulate imports your customers, products and sales invoices from the accounting software.

Where to find the Subscription detection

Go to the left-hand menu CUSTOMERSSubscriptions and click Detect subscriptions.


Note: If you have not connected your Accounting or Subscription Management Software or have not imported Invoices and Products with CSV-files, do this first. In case you do not know how to connect your Finch integration to Calqulate, read it here.

The first step is to set a default billing period for your subscriptions. The chosen period will be used as default value for all products and subscriptions, and it can be adjusted for each invoice later in the process. If you want to use a different default period than the ones given, choose Custom and create your own custom billing period.

After setting your default billing period, confirm with Next: Mark recurring products.


On the next page you can mark your products either recurring or one-off. By clicking Bulk mark, all products will be marked as Recurring. If you want to change the status of only one or a few products, click the toggle in the Recurring column. In the column Billing period, you can change the billing period for each product individually. 

With Start detection, you continue the process and go to the next step. 


After setting up all recurring products, Calqulate starts detecting your subscriptions. In the next step you will see a list of subscriptions and their details:

  • Status
  • Customer
  • Product
  • MRR
  • Billing period
  • Start date

For some Products or Billing periods the value can be displayed as (+2) for example. To get more information about those subscriptions, hover over the cell. There can be several products or billing periods for each subscription.

You can edit the subscriptions, if needed, before you approve them. For editing choose the small pencil icon on the right side of the screen. 


You will now see all billing, MRR and product details related to the subscription. On the left side of the screen, all invoices related to this subscription are listed. By clicking on them you can edit the billing details.

You can also link invoices to a subscription. Therefore, click Link invoice below the first invoice on the left side. Choose an invoice by searching for its number, customer name, product name, total amount or invoice date and confirm with Link.


You can now see all details related to a single invoice. All indicated fields are pre-filled based on the data that was imported from the accounting software and the default values that were inputted in the previous steps. By clicking Edit you are able to edit certain information in the invoice. 


You can now change the Billing type, Billing periodBilling frequencyStart date and End date. The Price, Quantity, Discount, Tax and Units cannot be adjusted since these have been imported from your accounting software. Confirm your changes with Save.


It is now time to approve your subscriptions so they can appear in your MRR analytics. By clicking the box on the left, select the subscription you want to validate and click Approve. You can also Reject transactions if they are not subscriptions in your opinion. For the approved subscriptions, invoices related to this customer will automatically be assigned to the subscription in the future. 


After approving or rejecting all subscriptions you can Continue the process. If you are not sure about some subscriptions or want to do it later click Continue later.


That's it you are done! Check your dashboards and see your subscriptions flowing in.

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