Active Portfolio

Stakeholder Environment

The Active Portfolio view is part of the Calqulate <<glossary:Investor/Lender platform>>. Within the Active Portfolio page, you can view the financial data of all companies that have shared data with your organization.

Where to find your connected companies

If you go to the left-hand menu Active Portfolio, you see displayed a list of companies that are connected to your organization.


How to find further data about a company

By clicking on the name of a company in the portfolio list, you will see a real-time financial report of the portfolio company.

In the Revenue tab the following charts are displayed:

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • MRR Growth %
  • MRR Growth Breakout
  • Periodical Revenue
  • Revenue Growth in %
  • 12-Month Rolling Revenue
  • Revenue and Expenses

The Company profile tab includes basic information about the company, such as the country, the website URL and the number of employees. 


Now you know how to operate within the Active Portfolio of Investor/Lender environment.

What’s Next

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