Data Sharing with Investors and Lenders

Calqulate makes financial data sharing easy with investors and lenders. It is very important that startups and SMBs know exactly what kind of data is shared with investors and lenders when they accept an invitation to share their data.

Ensuring the privacy of financial data is one of Calqulate's top concerns, which it is important to mention right at the beginning what kind of data is NOT shared from startups and SMBs to investors and lenders:

  • Individual employee names, salaries, salary slips or personal information. All payroll data is aggregated on a company and department level.
  • Individual customer names or data. All income and revenue data is aggregated on a company and expense group level.
  • Individual sales invoices or vendor bills.

While each investor and lender might have slightly different reporting obligations for the companies they've invested in, Calqulate has identified a set of core fundraising, loan underwriting and investor reporting KPIs that satisfy the reporting obligations of most parties.

What data we share

A list of all KPIs and financial data that are used in financial data sharing can be found below:

Revenue analytics

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (Subscription data)
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue Growth (Subscription data)
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue Growth Breakout (Subscription data)
  • Periodical Revenue (Profit & Loss)
  • Revenue Growth in % (Profit & Loss)
  • 12-Month Rolling Revenue (Profit & Loss)
  • Revenue and Expenses (Profit & Loss)

Operating Expenses

  • Operating Expenses (Profit & Loss)
  • Operating Expenses in % of Revenue (Profit & Loss)

Cost of Sales

  • Cost of Sales by Account Group (Profit & Loss)
  • Cost of Sales in % of Revenue (Profit & Loss)
  • Gross Profit (Profit & Loss)

Staff Costs

  • Total Staff Costs (Payroll)
  • Headcount (Payroll)


  • Cash at Bank (Banking data)

Financial Health

  • Financial Health Index
  • Financial Health Index evolution
  • Financial Health Metrics


  • Cash Runway in Months with Gross Burn


  • Gross Income Margin
  • Net Income Margin

True Growth

  • True Growth Index
  • True Growth Index Evolution
  • True Growth Metrics


  • LTV to CAC
  • Customer Churn
  • Customer Retention
  • CAC payback time in months

Revenue Growth

  • Monthly Revenue Churn
  • MRR Growth Rate
  • Revenue Retention Rate