Financial Reporting API

The Financial Reporting API outputs the following KPIs: Profit & Loss revenue (periodical revenue), 12-month rolling revenue, Cost of sales, Operating expenses, and, OpEx in % of the revenue.

Data Model

FieldTypeKPIDescriptionExample data
daystringLast day of the corresponding month in requested interval.2022-01-31
revenuenumberP&L revenueThe amount of revenue.1962454
revenueForecastnumberP&L revenue forecastThe amount of forecast revenue. 1962454
totalIncomenumberThe amount of total income. 1962454
expensenumberOpExThe amount of expenses. -582151
expenseForecastnumberOpEx forecastThe amount of forecast expenses. -582151
totalExpensenumberThe amount of total expenses. -582151
cosnumberCost of SalesThe amount of Cost of Sales.16417
cosForecastnumberCost of Sales forecastThe amount of forecast Cost of Sales.16417
totalIncomeForecastnumberThe amount of forecast total income. 1962454
revenueGrowthPercentagenumberThe revenue growth in percentage. 5
revenueGrowthPercentageForecastnumberThe forecast revenue growth in percentage. 7
prev12MonthRevenuenumber12-month rolling revenueThe revenue for the past 12 months from this month. 1962454
prev12MonthRevenueForecastnumber12-month rolling revenue forecastThe revenue forecast for the past 12 months from this month. 1962454
accountGroupsstringThe amounts of Expense, Expense forecast, Cost of sales and Cost of sales forecast are all listed separately to each of the default account groups in Calqulate:

- General & Admin (G&A)
- Research & Development (R&D)
- Sales & Marketing (S&M)
- Other
"accountGroups": "expense":
"General & Admin":
"expense": -2797676,
"expenseForecast": -582151

What’s Next

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