Product is the goods sold or services provided to a customer.

Data Model

FieldTypeDescriptionExample data
idstringUnique identifier for each product.409364895
metaIdstringAnother identifier of this product or the id in its origin data source (when it comes from an integration).prod_3402
creationDatestringDate of product creation (Date of creation of this products on its origin data source, for example).2022-02-02T14:13:53.644Z
codenumberUnique code identifies the product (rather than using the random id field generated for each entry in our database).345KL
parentIdstringIf multiple records represent the same product (coming from different data sources, for example), you can choose one product to represent all of them and call it a parent; then assign this Id as parentId to the other products.62541
namestringProduct name in the accounting platform.Product X
descriptionstringThe product’s description. Use this field to optionally store a long form explanation of the product being sold for your own rendering purposes.$360/Year subscription
pricenumberProduct price.350
groupIdstringId of group on which this product belongs to.4587
metaGroupIdstringId of product's group in its origin data source (when it comes from an integration).gp_236
unitstringProduct definition is a label that represents units of this product.Website
accountIdstringFinancial account Id of this product.19802367
taxIdstringId of product's tax.6
metaTaxIdstringId of product's tax in its origin data source (when it comes from an integration).vat_6030
billingPeriodstringBilling period. Options: “month”, “year”.month
billingFrequencynumberBilling frequency.1
currencyIdstringCurrency Id of this product's price.3168
metaCurrencyIdstringCurrency Id of this product's price in its origin data source (when it comes from an integration).EUR
setupFeenumberProduct setup fee.75
archivedbooleanIndicates whether this product is archived or not.false (not archived)
true (archived)
isNewbooleanIndicates whether this product is new or not.false (not new)
true (new)
tiersJSONDifferent pricing packages based on how many units the user will order.{"tiers": [{"amount": 5600,"start": 1,"up_to": 1},{"amount": 1900,"start": 2,"up_to": -1}]},
dataSourceIdstringId of the data source (Manual Calqulate, or integrations).4779
orgIdstringOrganization Id in which this product belongs.718987154
createdAtstringDate of creation of this entry in Calqulate's Database.2022-02-02T14:13:53.644Z
updatedAtstringDate of last update done on this entry in Calqulate's Database.2022-02-02T14:13:53.644Z
deletedAtstringDate of deletion of this entry from Calqulate's Database.2022-02-02T14:13:53.644Z

What’s Next

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