Self Onboarding Checklist

Getting Started

Onboarding is the most crucial element for any company starting to use a new software. Successful completion of onboarding ensures that you are getting the most out of every feature Calqulate has to offer. This article serves as a checklist to ensure that you have completed all the steps to fully take advantage of Calqulate. 

Most of the below steps are what we call Set and Forget. You need to do them only once and then you can just sit back and relax while your financial analytics are updated hourly with Calqulate's smart automation and plug-and-play integrations.

Steps to ensure a successful Calqulate set up

Connect your data sources

Connect your subscription management, accounting, payroll software to Calqulate. Successful completion of this will allow Calqulate to automatically create all of your financial charts on the main dashboards and your financial data will update hourly.

Connect Bank Accounts

Connect your bank accounts to Calqulate. This will allow you to have continuous access to the balance of your bank account through a menu on Calqulate.

Add Users

Add users to your Calqulate account. Adding users to your account is important because it allows multiple people in your organization to access the data and dashboards that Calqulate creates.  

Map Chart of Accounts

Map your chart of accounts. Mapping your chart of accounts is essential as it ensures that all of your vital financial data is imported and displayed automatically in expense analytics, CAC analytics, Profit & Loss and cashflow management. 

Add Staff Costs

Adding your staff costs allows you to view and analyze costs by department and by person, which helps in making business decisions, especially early on in a company. Staff costs automate your expense analytics, CAC analytics, P&L forecasting and cashflow forecasting. In Calqulate, you are also able to add costs for future hires, giving you a time to prepare for the additional costs.

How are Subscriptions created in Calqulate

Learn more about the theory of subscription creating in Calqulate. This will help to understand subscriptions better. You will also be able to use Calqulate more effectively.

Learn more about Cashflow

Cashflows are essential for your business. Without knowing when or how you will be receiving money from your clients or customers you cannot operate a business.

Revenue Recognition

Revenue Recognition is the correct way to divide up your invoice's into their earned units. 
Calqulate automatically calculates this from any Subscriptions you have generated.