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Stakeholder Environment

The connection center in the <<glossary:Investor/Lender platform>> is where you can find the connection status of all your portfolio companies.

The connection center is divided into two areas, connected portfolio companies and not connected companies. These show each the total number of connected companies and the total number of portfolio companies that are not yet connected to the Calqulate Investor/Lender platform.

Connected Companies

Go to your left-hand menu Connection status and choose Active

You can now see all the portfolio companies that have been connected to Calqulate. Clicking on any of the connected companies redirects you to the Active Portfolio page and allows you to see their financial data. 


Not connected Companies

If you choose the Inactive tab, you can see all the portfolio companies that have not yet been connected to Calqulate. Each of the companies has a Request access button that can be used to invite the companies to Calqulate. When a company is invited, an email invitation is sent to the company to connect its financial data to Calqulate. Once the company has shared the data with your organization, the company is displayed in the "connected" tab. 


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