In Calqulate you can set up a Product template for your products, so that your billing/invoicing gets easier. Setting up a template allows you to create new invoices easily. The price, the billing cycle and more is already set up as default values which makes it easier for you and your employees. You can set up templates for One-off products or for recurring products and for different currencies, prices and billing periods.

Where to find your Products?

If you click on PRODUCTS on the left-hand menu, you can see a list of all your products. You can choose if you want to have Recurring or One-off products displayed. You can see the price and the billing period of your products, but you can also see how many subscribers you have for each product. If you want to get detailed information about the product double click on it.


There are two options for creating your products in Calqulate. Since Calqulate has plug-and-play integration with several accounting software and management subscription software you can easily import them. The other option is to add your products manually by hand or CSV file.