Staff Costs and Headcount

Employees form two sets of information essential to run a business: headcount and total staff costs. It is not only the ongoing team size or existing staff costs that needs attention but the ability to plan for growth as soon as it becomes possible.

Staff costs are the single biggest expenditure in company operations. It is all part of building a business and an important element in financial forecasting.

Total Staff Costs

Each employee costs the sum of their gross wages. In addition there are other employee-related expenses, including payroll taxes and social security taxes as well as the cost of benefits such as insurance, paid time off, meals, equipment or supplies.

In Staff Costs, employee salaries are recorded and linked to expense analytics, Profit and Loss forecasting, cashflow forecasting and customer acquisition costs (CAC).

Staff Costs by Department

The Staff Costs by Department displays the total amount of Staff Costs (actuals and forecast) with a breakdown per department for the selected period.


Headcount is the number of people working in a company or in a department at any given time. Unless otherwise specified, it includes everyone: full-time, part-time, temporary, and contract workers.

If company plans to increase its headcount in the future, the salaries for the planned future hires should already be included in a headcount forecast.

Headcount forecasting should also be linked to sales forecasting, cashflow forecasting, Profit and Loss forecasting and expense analytics.

Data sources

  • Integrations to Payroll Software
  • Integrations to Accounting Software that have a payroll module
  • CSV file imports
  • Manual entries in Calqulate
  • Data import via API