Opportunity List

Stakeholder Environment

The opportunity list enables high volumes of deal screening and deal origination for investors and lenders. It can be seen as a deal inbox. The opportunity list includes all companies that have:

  • Submitted an online loan application via the Borrower Questionnaire, with or without sharing live financial data with the lender
  • Submitted an online equity fundraising application via the Startup Questionnaire, with or without sharing live financial data with the investor
  • Shared their live financial data within Calqulate with the investor/lender

The opportunity profile also offers a possibility to request real-time, detailed financial data of selected companies for a more granular analysis of the opportunity company's financial situation.

Where to find the Opportunity list?

Go to your left-hand menu > Opportunity list. You will then see a list with all opportunities from all the above mentioned opportunity sources.

In the opportunity list you can see the the following information concerning the opportunity company:

  • name
  • the intended funding Amount
  • Fundingstage, such as Series A
  • the headquarter Country
  • the Received date
  • the Status of the application
  • the estimated Project fit
  • the type of revenue model
  • the Industry in which the company is located in
  • the available KPIs of the company
  • the Opportunity source

How to see more detailed data?

To see more precise information about an opportunity click on it.

You can now see detailed information about the company, their financial data and their loan preferences.

The first tab Opportunity detail displays the companies fundraising profile and their Deal structure preferences. This includes information either about the loan or equity deal an organisation is aiming for.

If you want to get granular, live financial data from the company, you can request live access to their financial data with Request data sharing.

The Financial KPIs tab displays some of the most important KPIs like P&L revenue, Cash runway and gross burn. However, this data is entered manually by the company and has not been verified by Calqulate. If you want to access their live data Request data sharing.
As soon as the company approves data sharing with your organization, you are able to see their live financial data.

The tabs Financial Report, Financial Health and True Growth are solely available to you if the company accepted your request for data sharing. You can find financial live data about the company there. The Financial Report tab displays P&L Revenue, Cash runway, Gross burn and Headcount data.

In the Financial Health tab, you can find data about the Financial Health of the company, and several financial KPIs in the Liquidity, Profitability and Solvency tabs. You can find more information about Calqulates Financial Health Index here.

The True Growth tab gives you insights into the growth metrics of the company. You can find detailed Marketing, Sales and Revenue Growth metrics in this section.

"Coming soon". The Investor/Lender Matches tab gives you a detailed view of how the opportunity matches against the deal criteria of your organization and the investors/lenders in your network that might invest with you. The companies are listed according to the Projected Fit calculation in descending order.

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