A customer is a person or organisation that buys goods or services.

Data Model

FieldTypeDescriptionExample data
idstringUnique identifier for each customer.609987152
metaIdstringId of this customer in its origin data source (when it comes from an integration).cus_KJX33C2
creationDatestringDate of customer creation (Date of creation of this customer on its origin data source, for example).2022-02-01T22:00:00.000Z
codestringUnique code identifies the customer (rather than using the random id field generated for each entry in our database).cus_KJX33C2
parentIdstringIf the same customer has different accounts (coming from different data sources, for example), you can link these accounts to only one using a parent Id.129278162
firstNamestringCustomer's first name.John
lastNamestringCustomer's family name.Sam
emailstringCustomer's email address.[email protected]
phoneNumberstringCustomer's phone number.040012345678
companystringCustomer's company name.Calqulate
addressstringCustomer's detailed street address.Helsinginkatu 30
postalCodestringPostal code or zip code.00500
citystringCity of the customer address.Helsinki
statestringState of the customer address.Texas (when applicable) null (when not applicable)
countryIdstringId of customer's country.246
metaCountryIdstringId of this country in its origin data source (when customer comes from an integration).FI
archivedbooleanIndicates whether this customer's account is archived or not.false (not archived)
true (archived)
mrrnumberMonthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) from this customer.250
dataSourceIdstringId of the data source (Manual Calqulate, or integrations).4779
orgIdstringOrganization Id in which this customer belongs.718987154
createdAtstringDate of creation of this entry in Calqulate's Database.2022-02-02T14:13:53.644Z
updatedAtstringDate of last update done on this entry in Calqulate's Database.2022-02-02T14:13:53.644Z
deletedAtstringDate of deletion of this entry from Calqulate's Database.2022-02-02T14:13:53.644Z

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