Unit Economics

Unit Economics are the financial breakdown of the revenue your customers generate with your business during the lifetime of the customer relationship (read: revenue vs. costs).

The default data source for charts in Unit Economics is Chart of Accounts. The other option for a data source is Tracking Categories. Calqulate imports the chart of accounts as well as tracking categories, their values and the accounting journals when Accounting Software is integrated with Calqulate.

For chart of accounts to show accurate data in Calqulate charts, first map the accounts in Calqulate App according to expense and income data and then assign the accounts to CAC calculations.

For tracking categories to show accurate data in Calqulate charts, set up the source data properly, such as “Dimensions” (in Netvisor or Procountor), or “Class Tracking” (in Quickbooks) and then assign the tracking categories to CAC calqulations.



Only the financial accounts and tracking category items that are assigned to Customer Acquisition Cost are included in CAC calculations.